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Namaste and welcome

Ascension Circle offers a portal through which we can all transcend into being a soul-conscious community. We are witnessing the death of an old world and the birth of a new earth where we co-create through the consciousness of the heart.

We invite our global spiritual family friends to join with us and share experiences through the shifts of awakening into our Divine I AM presence.

We chose to be here on planet Earth to experience these most amazing of times as we shift from 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness, where we are the Creators of the New Earth. NOW is the time for the teachers, healers and counsellors to step into Self-Mastery, speak our truth and unite in sharing knowledge and wisdom.

Be the sovereign being you came here to be and remember, in these changing times, that Anything is Possible. You are dearly loved, you are never alone and all is well. With loving grace and gratitude for all holding light and love, anchoring the new energy into Gaia, Mother Earth.

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We are the ones we have been waiting for.
And so it is..

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